"Helping hurting families heal, from traumatic experiences"  

Helping Hands Angels

These amazing angels are our funders. They selflessly give to our programs and help sponsor families to receive services

Monthly sponsors that are helping  families with humanitarian services each month.

Cathy Salser- Our new angel that will be providing aid to our organization monthly.

Trinity Church and Pastor's David and Mona Espinoza stand with our mission and vision. They have become our wings monthly supporters. 

Legacy Family Church and Pastor Jesse Bailey stand behind are mission They are the newest angels that will support us monthly. 

Sponsors of our adult and children healing art program. Our leaders helps survivors process the trauma using art as a tool.

2017 Supporters

Salguero Family
Eric Hunter
Ronnie Robles
Hope Chapel of the Valley
Calvary Chapel
Trinity Church 

Event Sponsors

Greg Mead (Extreme Power/Total Surrender Ministries)

Merlos Family

Lolli Family

Bumstead Family

Ed & Suzanne Hendley

Carlos & Laila Gonzalez

Leslie Leon

Alfredo Casillas

Lou Muscate

Julie Garcia

2016  Sponsors

Lolli Family
Tarzana Treatment Centers
Franchesca Esker/ Lexico Fashion Co
Daniel and Sonia Trinidad
Janet Cano Insurance
Melissa and Chad Bumstead
Gayle Stark
Rocio P
Abril Parra and Family
Option for Youth Northridge
William Banuelos and Terry
Carol MM
Elvira Zamora
Trinity Church
Andrea Rodriguez
Nessa's Pastries