"Helping hurting families heal, from traumatic experiences"

Our Team

Masters at serving our community in a trauma informed way

Karen Gonzalez

Founder/Executive Director
Certified Educator
Healing Art Leader

Karen is a Certified Parent Educator who works with both adults and children. She desires for our children to feel safe. That is why she founded and created Helping Hands. It was born in 2013 from her own struggle and experiences.

Diana Olarte

Outreach Ambassador 
 Engages community with violence prevention efforts in a trauma informed way.Helps with events and support groups. A Survivor of domestic violence.

Michelle Solares

Children Healing Art Leader

She leades the children's lounge and helps the children process their trauma. Her loving and kind ways makes her leadership unique and affective.

Francesca Esker
Outreach Ambassador 
Engages community with  violence prevention efforts. Helps with event coordination, support groups and empowers others to live a violence free life. Francesca is a survivor.

Laila Abou- Amou- Assists in yearly event.  Engages community with violence prevention efforts in a trauma informed way. 

Check out the interview with our founder
"As the founder of Helping Hands Resource Center I have made sure we give survivors the love and compassion they deserve"