"Helping hurting families heal, from traumatic experiences"

Helping Hands offers a parenting class series that teaches the basics in brain, child development, and empathy.

Our classes are trauma informed, and are designed to help reach emotional stability and safety for the whole family.

Parenting Education

Our in house certified Parent Educator uses the Echo Parenting and Education curriculum

Parenting Classes

This 8 weeks parenting class series teaches others about brain, child development and empathy. Its helps parent's and educator's how to become compassionate. The philosophy and paradigm shift is explained each week.

Parent and teacher workshops

  • Compassionate Conflict Resolution
  • Help Children Feel Safe
  • Empathic Language - Support children's self-esteem
  • Self-Regulation Skills
  • Trauma lectures and seminars

    We offer parenting lectures for schools, agencies and organizations. We can speak about any parenting topic or bring awareness about trauma to your community. If you would like to book our educator as a speaker contact us at

    Classes can be customized

    • Classes on Saturdays
    • Evening Classes
    • Parent Coaching
    • Parent support groups
    • Private classes
    • Special topic series
    • Leadership training

    We believe the foundation of parenting is empathy, love, and understanding. Empathy is something that we must teach others for them to follow.

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